The Curse of Oak Island Season 8: Details and Intruding deeper

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Updates: Here is an exciting news for the fans of Curse Of Oak Island! It is going to resume with yet another new season, Season 8 of curse Of Oak Valley on History Channel. It is bound to happen since innumerable things have been left undiscovered. The very fact that, the cast crew has reached the Nova Scotia’s Oak Island and the crew has also started the filming of the new season. So to know more about what is going on just continue reading.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Production Status

Although, there is no official notification regarding the renewal of a new season, the fans seem to be super excited as the crew has already started with the filming process. Works of drilling and digging has begun to kick start the shooting and completing the work that were left to be accomplished.

Marty and Rick Lagina and the experts of the series said somethings which left the fans quite hopeful. They are in planning to push through the  ‘Big Dig’. Thus the time has come for them to delve deeper and further open a wide wide space to reveal what is there. These all will be updated to us in season 8 and thus it arises our hopes for a new season further.

No doubts remain behind that the season is going to usher in new episodes and this time there shall be more involvement of trucks and other equipment on the plot to show the ongoing activities of the island.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Plot

Many of the fans were in  a dubious position as to whether the team will be able to come with another epic revelation during the exigency time of this noble pandemic. However, the team is determined not to complete the series without making another great Historical reveal.  The same has been revealed in the last part of season 7.

Now season 8 will pick up from where the season 7 dropped.  Thus it is going to cover Lagina brothers, along with their team will continue digging the island. Samuel Ball’s land where they found a tunnel, is also going to be wrapped up in it.  Enough focus will also be laid on the property on Samuel Ball (1765 – 1846). They have advanced a lot but still it needs further diggings to know exactly where it will take them.

The season is expected to be aired somewhere around 2021. Let’s stay tuned!

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