The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Why Michael Trevino-Tyler Left?

The Vampire Diaries marked its presence amongst the series mostly liked by the audience. The departure of three major characters in season 6 including Tyler Lockwood. Soon after we heard the news of Michael Trevino’s character taking an exit?

The reason behind the exit?

In the season 6 finale of The Vampire Diaries, Tyler Lockwood decided to leave mystic falls due to the other character Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev. In the sixth the season we saw three primary characters leaving. Jeremy Gilbert left Mystic falls to hunt other vampires. Dobrev surrendered to a sleeping spell cast by Kai Parker and Tyler left for reasons unclear to us.

The Vampire Diaries: Story of Tyler Lockwood

Lockwoods possess a werewolf gene that was triggered during the second season when he accidentally killed a female classmate. In his 2015 interview, he told people that
” You know once you become a werewolf and you’ve taken transformation, you won’t really see Tyler hanging out with Stefan Paul or Damon. And werewolf is recluses, they stick to their own and they’re not always around.”

Tyler’s romance with Caroline Forbes and his time for the inner werewolf character to surface on the show is prolonged. In a few of the episodes, he disappeared because of his antagonist relationship with fans most favorite characters, Klau Mikaelson, and other core characters. The two Tyler and Caroline became close after the death of the Klau in the originals series finale.

The Vampire Diaries: Return of Trevino in last season

In season 5 Tyler returned after the travelers killed him and during the season 6 finale his curse was reactivated when Liv urged him to kill her in order to save himself. Later parts depicted Elena bidding goodbye to their friends and she did not return for season 7.

Trevino returned for three episodes in the seventh season. His sole purpose for that comeback was to protect Elena’s body from both Damon’s enemies and elder Salvatore’s brother himself. Tyler’s fate was seized during eight-season episode 3 when Damon Salvatore ripped his throat out. However, Tyler showed up in bits in the season finale moments with Vicki Donovan who he dated during season 1.

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