Dear White People Season 4 Star Quits Claiming Black cast members adre paid less than the white

Dear White People Season 4 Updates: Jeremy Trady who was a famous Netflix star. He did not appear in Dear White People Season 4 due to the racial discrimination made by the co-stars and he gets less money when compared to co-stars.

The Rashid Bakr star who announced the Lionsgate production company made a ‘Racial Discrimination’. Jeremy Trady announced that he was not joining the fourth and final season of Dear White people due to practices of racial discrimination made by the Lionsgate production.

When I leave this series they did not offer me a return offer and this series is a ‘best and final’. This racial discrimination makes them sad to one of his white colleagues. This thing gives the audience to think about the production who is treated badly by their employers.

Dear White People Season 4 Jeremy Trady

Jeremy Trady is 29 years old and he and his other black colleagues also fight with the production team to pay a better salary. His colleagues fight with the production to give a good salary and position as white actors.

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He was so sad and triggered the discrimination among people of their color and white colleagues get a high respect and hood payment for their work. This is a shameful thing for the production company.

Jeremy called the production company, ‘Shameful practices of discrimination’. Recently this production released donations to support black people. Jeremy called it a shameful practice that was done by educated people and this practice was made for so many years till now. This racial inequality is a shameful practice.

Finally, Trade told us that this was bad discrimination of racism and the very epitome of hypocrisy. Due to this complaint, Lionsgate production gives a response to the audience it was full of financial discrimination on their color but Lionsgate production give a response to this complaint and they told that their company treats equally everyone irrespective of caste, gender, race, age, or sexual orientation and they also very proud about Dear white people series and they are looking forward to the Dear White People season 4 release. The audience was also eagerly awaiting this series. Stay tuned for more updates.

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