Gilmore Girls: Why is a second season not on Netflix yet?

Gilmore Girls Updates: Shockingly enough, after a long time, we cannot blame the pandemic when it comes to the stoppage of season 2 for Gilmore Girls.

The show creator Amy Sherman -Palladino revealed that the shooting of the second season largely depends on whether the stars Lauren Graham playing Lorelai Gilmore and Alexis Bladel playing Rory Gilmore are available for the shoot of the second season of the show as they seem to be stuck in a really busy schedule.

Why Gilmore Girls: Holding Second Season

While in a virtual panel discussion at Woodstock Film Festival creator Sherman-Paladino explained how the stars are doing well in their lives and are exactly where they should be with Lauren Graham presently doing two shows, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Disney+’s Mighty Ducks and Alexis Bladel in Handmaid’s Tale.

She also added that not having ideas for the further storyline was definitely not the reason that was keeping them on hold for the second season and when the time is right and both the stars are in a place to carry on Gilmore Girls they would definitely grab the chance.

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Being the family show Gilmore Girls is, we can never get enough of the stories the family can cook. The relationship between the single mother and her daughter will surely never get closure.

It is obvious that the older Rory gets and has her own life with independent decisions to make, the more she is going to conflict with her mother. The conflict and the differences in the mother-daughter relationship never get in the way of the story and is definitely not an issue.

She also talked about the times the cast and crew of the show drove each other crazy and said that it was a good time and in a hot moment she would happily choose to work with them again.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life arrived on the streaming platform of Netflix in 2016, 9 years after the original Gilmore Girls series came to an end. The series, focusing on a single mother’s relationship with her daughter ran for a time span of 7 years starting from the year 2000 to the year 2007.

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