Boruto Episode 167: Is Konohamaru the smartest ninja of the Sereis?

Boruto Episode 167 Updates: Konohamaru received his fair share of the limelight throughout the entire anime course. He was the chief mentor of the Team-7 which included Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.

Konohamaru grew up as a Naruto fan, so the name quite justifies itself, but he is not perfect. He is still practicing and trying to make things perfect but in the latest episodes, some of his major flaws were unearthed.

These flaws are proof of his stupidity.

Boruto Episode 167: What actually happened?

We all witnessed Victor finally exposing himself as a Kara agent and defeats Konoha ninjas. Naruto and Shikaramu sent Mugino and Konohamaru into a debatable role.

They won’t be able to attack Victor as their village has no right over Victor’s region anymore. However, they should remain under wraps, and can’t come in front of others to avoid any possible war.

Eventually, they meet Victor, who clarifies that DNA is his property. Konohamaru argues with Victor regarding it was taken from Hokage, but Victor is ready to fight for that legally.

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This is followed by the ninjas being thrown out of the city by Victor’s assistant. And, they still evade the city at night to find proofs against Victor. Konohamru could have shifted at that point and this would have rescued Konoha’s exposure, but this didn’t happen and Konoha got exposed.

It seems as Konohamaru is leaving a trail behind for Victor to track them if Victor decides to review the cameras. The worst thing is Konohamaru possesses an ultimate weapon, yet he doesn’t use it skillfully.

He has already used this transformation Jutsu to impersonate a doctor in the Land of Silence to steal DNA from the castle of Sakuya.  He has the ability to shift into any ninja he wants, yet he doesn’t use this skill and is just wasting a key weapon. This weapon would have been quite helpful in invading Victor’s area.

And thus would have done exactly as planned, as Shikamaru has asked him to do. But, either he has forgotten his ability or has become a rash rookie, who is simply committing mistakes.

With Kara’s terrorists on move again, let’s see what fate has kept for the ninjas this time.

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