Boruto Episode 167 Confirms Key Member of Team 7 is Dying?

Boruto Episode 167 Updates: After Team 7’s big battle with Deepa, they’ve been left broken. While we haven’t seen much of Kara since their debut but the Joker-like villain has indeed picked up the slack & beating down Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki with ease.

He’s also murdered other shinobi from the Hidden Cloud, sending a message that his terrorist group has ninjas that can really destroy what Naruto and Co. have built over many years.

Just when we thought Deepa was going to kill Boruto in the previous episode, Mitsuki made a last attempt to save his friends, activating his Sage Mode. This drains a lot of chakra from him, which Orochimaru did warn him about this.

Because he’s a clone, his body isn’t fully equipped to be pushed. Later, Deepa departs with the Hashirama Cell, sensing Mitsuki’s power has grown.

But Then Mitsuki leaps away with his friends so we can tell he’s breaking down that is causing him to crash at Yubina’s clinic. She can’t treat them in full, however leaving Konoha to take in Boruto and Sarada in the nick of time, while Orochimaru and Log to work on Mitsuki. But it’s much worse than expected as his insides have broken, leaving his master worried as they look at the boy in his stasis tank.

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Boruto Episode 167 Who is Dying?

Over-usage of energy has always been a problem for Mitsuki, ergo why he was prohibited from using the Sage Mode, and now a dismayed Orochimaru knows it’s going to be a miracle to heal the kid.

His condition’s quite severe and Log notes how concerned his dad is. many organs will have to be replaced from scratch and while Orochimaru plays it off by saying he simply invested a lot of time and resources into creating Mitsuki, Log can tell there’s a love there his dad doesn’t typically show, not even to him.

Log knows the chances are low as Mitsuki’s body is so frail. Interestingly, while this arc wasn’t in the manga, the show could pull off a remarkable switch and actually have Mitsuki die to enrich Orochimaru’s story and shape it as one of loss as opposed to his selfish days in the Naruto franchise when he just sought weapons of mass destruction.

Orochimaru can grow back another Mitsuki, and seeing as he has experimented with memories, he could place Mitsuki’s mind before his death into another body.

It’d be a huge twist and Boruto’s crew would be none the wiser, thus providing a different Mitsuki for when the show catches up to the manga. It’d be bold, but this direction could add a lot of nuance to Orochimaru’s journey as he really doesn’t want to lose his most prized possession.

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