Walking Dead Season 10 bringing some bonus Episodes for fans and What to expect?

Walking Dead Season 10 Updates: Fans of The Walking Dead finally will able to witness ‘A certain doom’ last Sunday night. According to an announcement by AMC in July, there will be six more bonus episodes for the audience.

Some reveals by Angela Kang :

So season ten will no longer be a finale. The reason revealed by the showrunner Angela Kang is the coronavirus and its impacts on production processes. She explains “There just no way we can have to shoot the premier that we are planning for this time in season eleven.” She meanwhile reveals “There are 300 zombie extracts and people framing in spaces .”

But as of now, they can restart the production processes with safety. As television shows and movies are already doing their production work on sets. According to our sources, these six episodes are set to release in 2021.

They will be “a way to bridge” the two seasons. With storytelling that will be out of the box.” The upcoming six episodes will be satisfying for the fans and audience who are just wondering for XYZ moments.

Image Source: USA Today

According to the showrunners and makers, the audience will get to see the dynamics between Maggie and Negan. Meanwhile will witness a lot of new stories that will relate to Daryl and Carol.

Walking Dead Season 10 Bonus Episodes

Because of the new guidelines for Corona safety and production team is following them. There will be fewer crowd scenes and fights. The upcoming bonus episodes will surely screen after the premiere of Season 20 finale of The Walking Dead.

These will witness Daryl killing Beta and meanwhile Maggie rejoining the group. Although The Walking Dead will meet its fate after the upcoming eleventh season. That will have 24 episodes premiering for two years till 2022.

But fans need not worry or at goodbye to their favorite characters. Many new spinoffs are in their pre-production stages and are planning to entertain the audience and fans of The Walking Dead. These new spin-offs will take some of the prominent characters from walking dead and will revolve around them.

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