Walking Dead Season 10 Finale delayed Finale, What finale means means to Connie’s Future?

Walking Dead Season 10 Updates: We know that Connie, played by Lauren Ridloff will make her awaited return in the long-delayed finale of the tenth season of The Walking Dead though we cannot really be sure what it holds for her.

Separated from the rest of the group in the mid-season premiere in the Alpha-cave and missing through half the season, this is the first time she has been seen in the last few minutes of the episode ever since.

Walking Dead Season 10: Connie’s Future

In an episode way before the Alpha’s downfall, we witnessed a vindictive Carol, played by Melissa McBride, lead a group of people into a cave full of Whisperers’ horde of Zombies.

Everyone struggled hard for their lives and escaped but a hapless cave-in separated the group with Connie and (Magna, played by Nadia Hilker) with the only ones nowhere to be found.

Though a few episodes later it was confirmed with Nadia’s return that she was well and alive, Connie’s fate was not revealed until the ‘about to be’ Season 10 episode 16 finale ‘A Certain Doom’ before the six-episode extension.

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Connie’s dirt-covered body stumbled before Virgil’s (played by Kevin Caroll) wagon. Though the character has not been seen much on the show, he has been an influential one in the two episodes he was seen in, playing an important role in Michonne’s exit from the series and giving her the knowledge that Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) is alive.

There is a possibility that Virgil will be seen as a group member in the 11th season and reunite Connie with the group.

As we saw, episode 16 ended with a cliffhanger. We may see an episode or two with Virgil and Connie before they reunite with the group as a time skip is unlikely to happen right away.

We may see Connie soon playing her normal character on the show as the vanishing of her character had nothing to do with the storyline. It was only to give Lauren Ridloff sometime off from the show to shoot her upcoming Marvel Movie ‘Eternals’ where she will be seen as a superhero named Makkari.

With Connie returning to the group, fans may get to see the long-awaited Daryl-Connie romance but the show may not take that direction as we are going to have a spin-off series with Daryl and Carol that will probably take him away from Alexandria after the release of the 11th season of the show.

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