The Haunting Of Bly Manor: Over 50 Hidden Ghost You Missed, And Where to Discover Them

If you were a follower of The Haunting of Hill House, then you already had your eyes striped while seeing The Haunting Of Bly Manor, looking out every feasible corner and crack for precise secret clips–but this year, the art of the ghost hunting things transformed a bit. For that matter where the Bly background ghosts a bit difficult to find, they are literally roles in and of themselves. Once if you begin to find, then you are going to start observing some reappearing profiles sulking around in the shadows, and some are much easy to acknowledge than others.

Obviously, we are going to get inside some small spoiler enclave, as we do task in our path throughout all the 9 episodes. So kindly go further with attention. The real tale and circumstance of every ghost is something we will leave up for you to solve, but this escort will say you precisely where to find for each. 

These ghosts are easy-to-find to impractical.

Before you leave and check out our list of Bly’s scariest bit for more spoiler-filled crash of the show!

  1. In Episode 1, 06:16, in the car window.
  2. In Episode 1, 20:52, top right hand corner as Flora says “these are the lovely stairs.”
  3. In Episode 1, 21:01, standing on the right side of the stairs. As Flora says “if you fall you can hurt yourself.”
  4. In Episode 1, 22:19, silhouette in the mirror.
  5. In Episode 1, 24:57, behind Miles as he says “I’ll give you some pointers.”
  6. In Episode 1, 26:16, in Flora’s room as she leaves the bathroom.
  7. In Episode 1, 27:55, in the bathroom, behind the door to Flora’s room.
  8. In Episode 1, 27:56, in the bathroom mirror as Dani walks into Flora’s room.
  9. In Episode 1, 28: 44, in the mirror behind Dani as Flora says “put her back.”
  10. In Episode 1, 29:40, over Dani’s shoulder as she says “now get some sleep.”

And much more.

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