The Haunting of Bly Manor: A worthy sequel to ‘Hill House’ & What we know so far

The Haunting of Bly Manor Updates: An American web-television anthology series namely  ‘The Haunting of Hill House’  is now scheduled for an upcoming follow-up. This supernatural horror drama sequel might be equally guzzling and outward or even outdo the original’s hideousness.

Midst of all the cancellation news of series by Netflix (the latest being Teenage Bounty Hunters and cult classic GLOW falling victims to it), this is the most insurance we could get for a drama not to stray off a compact yet cancel-proof limited continuation which is marked for a release on Oct 9, this week.

It took over its course from the writing of Henry James 1898 novella ‘The Turn of the Screw’but “the series had a lot more potential and it went beyond the fact that it was an adaptation of the storyline ” in accordance with one the lead actor, Victoria Pedretti. This next part has undergone a complete makeover except for the fact that Mike Flanagan is the creator of both.

Here’s what we have recovered about its storyline and cast.

The Haunting of Bly Manor: Cast- who will return? 

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The ensemble cast resembles much that of the ‘Hill House’. Victoria Pedretti cast as Dani, an American assigned as a nanny to two orphaned British children; Henry Thomas as Dani’s employer who happens to be the children’s uncle with a posh British accent while Oliver Jackson who played an American in the 1st installment would be acclimatizing to a thick Scottish one.

Particularly minding Flanagan’s interests is the juxtaposition of two scenarios, without any reference to its earlier plots.

Possible Plotline of the show 

The beginning enters through a rehearsal dinner for a North California wedding where one of the guests gathered around the table proposes to indulge them in a story about an acquaintance that took us straight 20 years away from 2017, into the past.

In the UK where an au pair named Dani, already plunged into her own abyss of secrets is hired by a man, Henry Wingrave to govern his orphan nephew and niece, Miles and Flora in a British precinct, under the care of a cook, housekeeper, gardener; only to seek out apparitions that haunt the house.

Characterizing the previous ‘The Haunting of the Hill House’ dividing the timeline into two with five siblings in a family under its spotlight, had episodes featuring two different locales and decades but eventually lost its edge. The ‘Bly Manor’ layers up the details of the premise and its occupants, with the most weight on Predretti’s shoulders for making it look painfully real, which was lifted off the grounds.

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