Dog the Bounty Hunter: Behind the Scenes of Dog Unleashed and Everything you need to know

Dog the Bounty Hunter Updates: Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Dog Chapman shares behind the scenes of the filming scenes of the upcoming show ‘ Dog Unleashed’ with his fans. In his latest Instagram post, Chapman’s grandson Cobie Chapman was also seen in one of the pictures. The series will be premiered on January 2021 on a new streaming channel called Unleashed.

The recent photos of Behind the scenes

Duane Chapman re-shared a photo of Cobie’s post with him standing on a flatbed truck and a cameraman carrying his camera. In another photo, one of the team members of Chapman, Grega Zecca posed with another crew member followed by a caption in which she wrote ” You can run, but we are going to catch you.”

Chapman shared these images just earlier of the release of his new movie, Hunter’s Creed. The respective movie is available on video on big platforms and on DVD.

Chapman in his recent interviews

In an exclusive interview with Pop culture, Chapman highlighted a bunch of debates in the upcoming series Dog Unleashed. He also confirmed the presence of his children Leland, Lyssa, and Bonnie Chapman as well as his fiance, Francie Frane.

Image Source: Pop Culture

Frane said that she is helping her future husband and acting just crazy. Chapman also added that The world is getting dangerous and it’s just not about COVID but including the justice system bending down to these people.

Unlike his other shows, Gog Unleashed will follow the Chapman as he wanted escapers rather than bond-skippers. The show will set free from the restrictions.

” I had been leashed up and told you can’t do that and you can’t have that made public, so I’m hoping this is my final series. It’s the new chapter of my life and I’m going out with a bang” He proclaimed.

Relation of Frane and Chapman

The two have been engaged since May, but haven’t decided on their wedding date yet. Chapman got some big plans and he can’t hold them due to ongoing situations.

Just family and close friends at the ceremony he said. He is not camera shy so he won’t probably mind the media presence there.

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