Schitt’s Creek: Things we wanted from the Ending and Things we got.

Schitt’s Creek Updates: Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television sitcom that aired on CBC Television from January 13, 2015, to April 7, 2020. The show has 6 seasons, with a total of 80 episodes.

The show came to a happy and heartwarming end with the completion of its sixth season this year. With the show coming to an end, there are certain things the viewers wanted to see in the series. There are some untied strings that the viewers wanted to see tied.

Here are several points, which the fans wanted to be included in the show, and a few things that they got from it.  

What we wanted:

  • To see Alexis and David’s Goodbye

Although, the story ended on a happy note; the audience wanted to see the goodbye of Alexis and David after whatever their relationship went through. The fans also anticipated how much they would be meeting each other after all that happened.

  • To see Moira’s Show

 Moira’s show was the reason behind many hilarious moments on the show. The fans thought she would make a comeback on the show, but it didn’t happen.

  • To see David and Patrick’s house

The viewers wanted to have a look at David and Patrick’s house, but instead, they got to see it from outside. They made a sudden decision; of staying in Schitt’s Creek rather than moving to New York.

  • To see Schitt’s Creek without the family

We saw the Rose Family living in Schitt’s Creek for the entire show, but we saw them leaving while approaching towards the end. So, we wanted to see the place without them.

  • To see Roland and Jocelyn’s goodbye

Viewers wanted to see how the Rose Family bids goodbye to Roland and Jocelyn.

Schitt’s Creek: What we got:

Image Source: Vulture
  • Alexis’ Breakup

It was a surprise for everyone when Alexis broke up with Ted. Ted was a great guy for her; she was open about everything with him. Although it was unfortunate, it brought her character to a satisfying ending.

  • Patrick and David’s Wedding

The thing that went quite well in the show was the wedding of David and Patrick. It would have been disheartening for the viewers if the show didn’t end with their wedding.

  • David confronting his past

David confronted his toxic self when he realized that the only reason he wanted to move to New York was to prove himself to his old friends.

  • Expansion of the business

The Roses had a great ending when they found an investor for their motel chains in the entire country.


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