Will Rick and Morty have only 8 seasons? and What we know so far

Rick and Morty Updates: Rick and Morty are another adult animation series that has a good and loyal fan base. Fans and audiences from all around the world love to watch the show for years.

After a surprising ending of season four in May 2020. The show is now planning harder for the release of season five. The sixth episode of the last season ‘Never Rocking Morty’ finds that two of them hopping through the universe.

Though regular viewers and fans following the show are aware of co-creator Dan Harmon. Dan Harmon and his writing skills are just known by everyone. He usually follows a story circle during the planning of any episode.

The easy way to understand this practice is just a character starting from its comfort zone in desperation to achieving its desires. This leans it to something uncomfortable and undesired situation.

Then it tries to put all its efforts to set its desires. At last, after paying a huge price the character returns to its initial stage again. This is a way to bring crisp in the story by presenting the struggles of the characters.

Fact check of the statement  “Rick and Morty will have only 8 Seasons” :

Image Source: IndieWire

BoJack Hoseman reveals “Dan Harmon uses his story circle to plot his episode structures. But I have a long suspect that he is writing full narrative.” This may mean that Rick and Morty may easily last for eight seasons.

In 2018, the team and show Rick and Morty signs for a seventy episode renewal deal with Adult Swim. After viewing season four with ten episodes. Now only sixty of seventy episodes are remaining. If the creation furthure follows ten episodes set procedure.

Then no doubt the show will have six more seasons to go .eanshile the deal is no worry it’s can be renewed too. The thing that matters is the viewership and the production team.

Till now no one from the show comes up with such news that reveals only limited episodes. So it’s just a rumor till now.

Meanwhile do not forget to enjoy the new season that will hit the screens. For more updates on the show stay tuned.

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