The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 17: Is Carol and Daryl leaving for New Mexico?

The Walking Dead Updates: The Walking Dead Season 10 just made a comeback, but some fans are curious to know when will the series return for the next episode?

The Walking Dead is nearing its finale, and the fans are excited to witness it. AMC is treating the fans with extra six episodes in season 10, following the show’s finale. Here’s everything we know about the series till now.

When will The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode  17 Release?

Angela Kang (the show-runner of The Walking Dead) confirmed that there would be six extra episodes in the 10th season of the show. That makes season 10 the longest season of the show, with a total of 22 installments including, the extra episodes.

The show-makers have not revealed any date for the release of the 17th episode. The Coronavirus has impacted the schedules of many major series and films. This has also led to a shift in the release of season 11 of the show.

The show was earlier planned to be premiering in October, as per the AMC schedule, but unfortunately, it might not make it this year.

Image Source: Burada Biiyorum

Kang said, ‘We will not be able to air the 11th season this year as we normally would in October, but we are excited to announce an extended season 10, and there will be six extra episodes to follow the finale’.

The writer told Radio Times that, “So, without getting too spoilery, I can tease that these six episodes to come, there will be some hopefully exciting twists in these stories”.

Angela Kang also mentioned that “They dive deeply into some of these characters that we have. It’s focused on the characters, almost more anthology-like storytelling in some of them”.

The words from the officials suggest that the story would focus on each character, and emphasis should be made to bring up every character more clearly. The upcoming season is going to be absolutely kick-ass, it may also bring unexpected surprises for the viewers.

Those of you who don’t know about the series should go and binge on it. You will not regret your decision, and the rest of us should wait for the upcoming episode of the show. 

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