The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 17: Everything we know so far

The Walking Dead, Season 10 Episode 17, the wait ends, as the first episode of the six bonus episodes is airing this new year. There are a lot of things happening and wonder about. Let us take the example of Maggie, this character is back in The Walking Dead’s world. She just started to be familiar with the series, and lots of things started to happen. How can she be able to understand the complexities going on?

Taking the example of the rehabilitation of Negan, the person who killed Glenn, how would Maggie take this? Would she able to handle the fact that the person who is responsible for Glenn’s death is out of the cell?

The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan on Maggie

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie’s character in The Walking Dead expresses her views and opinion of her character in her interview with Entertainment Weekly. She feels that character needs time to opt for the things she’s been surrounded by.

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When Maggie comes back, we find the saying that she left for nine years and you let the bastard [Negan] out, this actually makes us clear that she is upset and kind of shock by the situations which were not as expected.

According to Lauren Cohan she says that the character was not aware of Negan’s relation with kids or his affinity for the animals, she doesn’t know any of this, and even if she had known this would be a lot to take into. It is clear that a lot is going on.

She would also love to get into it, and thinks that it is really great, she also conveys that, she could not be doing it with anybody more fun than Jeffery [Dean Morgan]. She also says that they are coherent with each other. Expressing her views on working with the crew, she finds it feeling great.

As there are a lot of things going on, there are many opportunities to take this on head-first at some point in the future, even though if it is not going to happen in these bonus episodes it is to be remembered that The Walking Dead 24 seasons to go along and the upcoming 6, so there are a lot of stories to tell and there is enough time.

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