Money Heist Season 5 is Nairobi Returning? and What to Expect?

Money Heist Season 5: One of the most loved series of all times, Money heist is back with yet another brand new episode. Though it has been made affirmative by Netflix that it will be the last and final series of  “Fifth and Final part of La Casa De Papel”.  Let’s continue reading to know more bout the cast, plot, and other related information.

Money Heist Season 5 has been confirmed by Netflix :

As we have already mentioned above that this season is going to be a concluding part. This part will be the most intriguing part of the series, the climax, where the war would reach the peak.

After filming in  Spain and Portugal, it began in Denmark on August 3rd. Season 1 of the show marched in May 2017, followed by the second part in October 2017. Later, after 2 years, the third part crept followed by the 4th part, after 9 months later this year.

Accordingly, we can expect season 5 and 6. Most probably, the viewers have to wait for 2021 and 2022 to receive fresh updates of the season. Still, Money Heist Season 5 has been confirmed for 31st July, this marking the conclusion of the show.

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Who’ll in the cast of  Money Heist Season 5:

Well, we can expect the maximum of the troop to return for the fifth season. However, we can expect the cast crew to consist of people like,

  1. Tokyo,
  2. Professor,
  3. Lisbon,
  4. Rio,
  5. Denver,
  6. Stockholm,
  7. Palermo,
  8. Helsinki,
  9. Bogota, and
  10. Marsella,
  11. Arturo,
  12. Alicia Sierra,
  13. Manila, and
  14. Gandia is all of them expected to keep up until the conclusion. However, Nairobi who had been killed in season 5 can’t be expected again. The rest of all the actors have marked their confirmation with their photographs.

What can be the possible plot?

The released plot of Money Heist is already confirmed. We can expect some obvious theory like Sierra trying to kill the professor in order to vent out her revenge for Berlin.

However, to be confirmed of the complete plot development, we need to wait for some time to welcome the last outing on board with bated breath. We will soon notify you in case of any new or fresh update. Till then stay tuned and stick around to get more updates on the series you would love to see onboard.


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