Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 We can have Release Date in December 2020

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Updates: The second half of Lucifer season 2 has been officially declared by one of the showrunners. The date is not very far away and is sometimes in the month of December.

Just a day back, one of the showrunners has cracked the news that the filming of Lucifer season 6 is on the way. The production of the concluding season has begun just last week as well as stating that Season 5 part 2 has completed screening.

This very notification set the fans’ curiosities on fire to know, as to when can they witness season 5 part 2 on their screen.

Formerly it was observed by Tom Ellis that the season is likely t hit the coast at the very starting of 2021 itself. However, with the production being paused we can have no rising hopes for the same. Better to wait some time to catch it on the screen. Positively let’s hope for the season to return, being a Christmas gift for all of us.

Referring to Ellis’s remark, the co-showrunner Joe Henderson said that it has already finished filming but it is not yet ready to be brought before Netflix. He said they are still left with many things out to be Netflix ready. Stating these, he did not prefer to give any kind of false hopes regarding the date of the release.

Image Source: Netflix Life

When can we have the Release Date of Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

Later, he articulated that we can expect a premiering of the season at around December. Even if the season is filmed, they have to get done with a number of other things in the row. Let us just hope all of the work to be completed soon.

Listing the number of tasks still left to be accomplished, he articulates,  VFX needs to be applied to the concluding episodes, regionalizing the series, including the subtitle and the dubs as well as curating and preparing the marketing strategy includes all the errands that need to be accomplished before setting forth the series on Netflix.

Putting forth a curated guess, the series will be hitting the Netflix screen on 01-02 2021. While expecting season 6 particularly setting in by the end of 2021 but 2022 feels more likely though.

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