Prison Break Season 6 Cancelled or Renewed and Everything you need to know

Prison Break Season 6 Updates: Paul Scheuring created an American drama series for Fox, entitled “Prison Break”. This serial, crime, action – thriller features in English, Spanish and Arabic languages. There are five seasons of the series till now with a total of 90 episodes. First aired in 2005, the show made a name for itself from then.

“Prison Break” is one of the shows with a million viewers but it was originally rejected by Fox in 2003. Fans of the series might be wondering about the next season of “Prison Break”, read what we know about it.

Prison Break: History

The series is an overall blockbuster with an interesting plot. The first two seasons of Prison Break were more appreciated than the latter three. A story that revolves around two brothers, Michael and Lincoln. The later gets accused and sentenced for a crime he did not commit.

In order to save his brother, Michael plans a prison break and start a quest to find out the real culprit to clear Lincoln’s name. With the blood gushing and nerve-racking plot, the show had an eye catching guest stars to make the series more inviting.

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Lincoln’s cellmate and his lawyer are worth mentioning as they did contribute a lot to the show.

Prison Break Season 6: Updates

The fifth season of the “Prison Break” did consist of a lot of cliffhangers and twists on the story but it seemed completely perfect by the end. As the fifth season of the series blew the minds of the viewers, it is natural for them to expect a sixth season of the series.

There was an official announcement by Fox about the making of “Prison Break” Season 6 in early 2018 and being in its early stages. But now it seems that they changed their mind and even the showrunners seem to find it difficult to get an acceptable script for the next installment.

Fox did not make any move towards the renewal of the series after the last announcement. The project is now at a halt due to the story ideas with no further information. For further updates on the topic and other such articles stay tuned! 

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