Prison Break Season 6: Dominic Purcell keeps ensuring fans about a sixth season

Prison Break Season 6 Updates: As it’s already been more than three years that the finale of the fifth season of crime fiction ‘Prison Break’ was released, fans do need to be assured on regular intervals that the sixth season is really happening and Dominic Purcell seems to be a doing quite a good job at that.

As fans know, there was a confirmation on the making of season 6 by Fox Entertainment’s Michael Thorn.

Prison Break Season 6: Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell’s Instagram page surely says that the show is up for another season by his regular updates. He took to the social media platform several times to assure fans that the shooting of the upcoming season will surely resume as soon as the pandemic situation comes close to under control.

It’s no surprise that along with the innumerous shows that were indefinitely postponed, halted, or canceled, Prison Break Season 6 was no exception.

The pandemic has caused havoc in the world along with the entertainment industry and an uncountable amount of financial losses. The making of the show was badly affected by the Coronavirus and fans need to be a little more patient when it comes to the release of the same.

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Posting a series clip on Instagram when questioned about Prison Break 6, Dominic Purcell wrote that if a story is worth it will be made.

When will the Prison Break Season 6 Release?

Again on the 22nd of September, answering a lot of fan questions he shared a selfie which ensured us that the sixth season will undoubtedly be made.

He answered a few rumors which go like this. Is he bald? He answered that he has a full head of hair and humorously added that people demand to shave it.

He also said that he is old and 50 and for the hundredth time assured the fans of the renewal of the show. When asked does he like humans he replied “No. Not on Mass. Definitely not”.

Fans are the most curious about the fate the creators and writers have in mind for Michael Scofield. The fans have a heart full of compassion and want to see him reuniting with his wife and kid after his long prison sentence.

We are sure the creators will keep their viewer’s demand in mind and grant him a soothing life in the upcoming season. Though likely to be released in the following year, Prison Break Season 6 has not been assigned an official release date yet.

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