My Hero Academia Season 5: Cast that will return & what we know so far

My Hero Academia Season 5 Updates: Anime lovers are just desperate and curious to know about season five of My Hero Academia. The fourth season with its twenty-five episodes met it’s fate on 4 April 2020 . Now audience and fans are just waiting for another thrilling season of the anime show .

My Hero Academia Season 5 : 

The conversation on season five of My Hero Academia got flames a few months back . The desperation for the upcoming seasons in the fans is at its peak. But unfortunately, the development of season five is currently facing the impacts of the Corona pandemic and global lockdown . The entertainment industry has to face a continuous five months lockdown too .

Because of this majority of the best projects are currently facing delays until undefined time. But as now unlock is started in many parts of the globe . This seems to bring all the work back on its track . So hoping for some positive update soon .

But the thing does not worry, makers of My Hero Academia share the first look at Imminent . The first season of this anime pops out during the Hero fes event too. Recently on 3 October 2020 trailer for season five drops out on the platforms.

The return of the trailer on the screens is just a day of hope for fans and audiences. Till the date, the show is scheduled somewhere around spring 2021. No doubt, it will be the day when anime fans will race towards their television screens. Just to sit and enjoy leaving all works aside.

Our sources confirm that the animation Studio ‘Bones’ will produce season five. This studio has five sub studios A-E. Substudio label C under Yoshihiro Oyabu will work on it.

Characters that will return : 

As season four of the show leaves a wide range of characters that the fifth season cam easily explore. The end of season four increases the expectation of the audience from the upcoming season. Expecting Deli will get Black Whip this time and Funnikagewill returns with his angel. Hitori the most compelling rival of Deku may not return for the fifth season.

These are just expectations and predictions. The official synopsis of the fifth season is yet to release.

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