Dr. Stone Chapter 169: Releasing soon & Everything we know so far

Dr. Stone Chapter 169 is another Japanese manga series. This manga series is just stepping up from expectations and giving hits with every new chapter. Dr. Stone manga series stands concrete for everything manga should pack in it. This seems to be the major reason behind this long successful journey of this manga series.

Fans and critics too appreciate every aspect and plot of the Dr. Stone manga series. Dr. Stone is another fabulous work and the creation of Richirio Inagaki. The manga series is mastering the hearts of the audience since 2017. Till now it has a total of 17 volumes and all are just remarkable.

Dr. Stone Chapter 169: Confirm Release Date 

Fans and audiences are desperate to witness the upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone. This upcoming chapter will be the 169th chapter in the publication of this manga series. Fans have another level of excitement and curiosity amongst them for this. Manga or anime series generally follows a pattern of release in most of the cases.

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But this theory works absolutely in the case of the Dr. Stone manga series. Dr. Stone follows a weekly Sunday to Sunday release patter. So till now according to the official announcement the next chapter will release on 11 October 2020. Means upcoming Sunday is going to be a thrilling fun day. Just start the countdown and tie up your seatbelts for the upcoming Sunday.

After going through the last chapter i.e chapter 168 of Doctor Stone. Expectations are that Max will come across Luna who is tied. Meanwhile, he will also put his efforts to unite her. Max will try his level best and will manage to free them. Francois may arrive and assist with the first aid help.

Only this much plot details are available till now fr our sources. May there be any update day before the release. For that stay tuned, we will keep you posted.

Where to watch:

The upcoming chapter 169 of Dr. Stone will be available on the release date of its official website Shueisha. Meanwhile, it will also be available on other websites that publish the works of magazine Shueisha. Just go through them once.

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