Emily in Paris: Will we have a 2nd season of the show? & Everything we know so far

Emily in Paris Updates: We know that the renewal of a series largely depends on the number of viewers a show can attract. A show usually stays for six to eight weeks on the streaming platform during which it is properly examined by the platform as to how the show is doing. If there is a large viewership, the show most probably gets renewed for another fresh season.

Netflix’s recent romcom ‘Emily in Paris’ was released on October 2nd 2020 and gained some real fan following. Talking about the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’, there has been no confirmation regarding an upcoming season from Netflix as well as the show’s creators but the fans still have a good side to count on.

Since the last season ended on a cliff-hanger and also keeping in mind the hints the show gave us for an upcoming season, ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 is much needed to answer all the pouring questions of the fans.

Emily in Paris season 1: What really happened?

The show revolves a workaholic American woman Emily Cooper, played by Lilly Collins who goes to Paris to grab a job opportunity of a lifetime. Instead, by the end of it all, she seems to be stuck with no way out in a rather complicated love triangle.

After setting foot in the exotic French land, Emily shares a passionate night with her neighbour Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo. Soon after, the dashing and handsome Gabriel is about to set off to Normandy to start his own restaurant but fate had something else in mind. Due to some reasons, Gabriel does not leave the French Capital. Instead, he plans on buying a Parisian restaurant and becoming an independent chef.

Emily was just getting used to this happiness when she learns that her best friend Cami also happens to be Gabriel’s ex and if only things could get more ugly, Cami keeps on entering and exiting Gabriel’s life frequently.

Showrunner Daren Star said in an interview with TVline that he was really excited about exploring the French land through Emily’s American eyes and he would definitely love to explore the complicated love triangle between Gabriel, Cami and Emily even further.

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