The Last Airbender: 7 People Touph Could Have Made a Best Match With and Much more

The Last Airbender
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The Last Airbender Updates: We have seen the Avatar series and you must have noticed that Touph of The Last Airbender is not really satisfied with her romantic exploration. However, many characters will make a good pair with her. Let’s see who are the ten people Touph could have been with.


It is evident in the show that Touph has a bit of a crush on Zuko. However, Zuko does not seem to show any interest in her as he is elder to her in the events of the show. Touph is seen clinging onto him a bit. Also, she desires to go on a solo adventure trip with him. However, they are not expected to have the best match.


Katara and Touph are two opposite poles. They have completely varying personalities. One is too controlling while the other is too reckless at times. Although personalities change when one grows up. However, these two people know each other so well that they might work together perfectly but they cannot fit perfectly with each other.


The Duke is a part of Team Avatar and is a great freedom fighter. Touph is still young. Though we hope that they meet later in life so that they can at least be friends.

The Last Airbender
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He is another freedom fighter who gets well along with Touph. Though they do not interact much, they go well with each other. They do not restrict themselves from gender stereotypes. Both of them have pretty similar personalities.


Though Touph has a crush on Sokka, she is pretty complimentary with Suki too. She often rescues Touph. While Touph is grounded and resolute, Touph has a strong and forceful personality. Hence, they are expected to get along well.


In the comic version of the show, Touph did date Satoru for a while. Many of the viewers do not know about this as it was only a part of the comic. Satoru looks towards Touph as a celebrity.


Aang and Touph are seen as complete opposites are many aspects. The former has a gentle and decent soul and is connected to nature. While Touph is not particularly emotional.

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