Avatar: Naruto’s Characters Zuko Can Beat and 5 He can’t

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Avatar Updates: Lord Zuko is a legendary Firebender and an ambassador of peace in the United Republic of Nations. Zuko is a wise, serious, and strong man with a will to protect his family at any cost.

He has got great skills, and he has defeated many great warriors, but will he be able to defeat Naruto? Let’s see the great warriors he lost from and the one’s he managed to beat.

Avatar: Zuko Lost to:

KakashiMany ninjas in the series have got superb skills, and they are very versatile. A prominent example of that is Kakashi, the mentor of team 7. The intelligence and tactics of Kakashi are so great that one can’t handle them. That was visible when Zuko wasn’t able to respond to Kakashi’s Jutsu.


We have seen in the series that Shikamaru’s manipulation powers aren’t useful in front of Zuko. He needs to figure out a way in which he could use his powers to his advantage. Once he understands this, he would be able to fight every great warrior.


Sasuke is undoubtedly a great shinobi. He has got fabulous skills, but he is often not able to beat Zuko, he needs to know his true capabilities, and he’ll be able to defeat Zuko.


Kisame Hoshigaki is one of the most powerful characters in Naruto. He has a great power gap, and Zuko stands no chance against him. He is a beast.


Naruto is a skilled and talented shinobi. Ha acquires hand to hand combat and ninjutsu. Zuko doesn’t stand a chance against him. It is not easy to defeat Naruto.

Avatar: Zuko Beaten

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While Temari has mastered wind Jutsus, Zuko is a master of wind-based power combats. While hunting for the Avatar, the titular last Airbender, Aang. He fought with many powerful air manipulators, being able to fight against the Airbending abilities.


Shino can control a swarm of chakra and flesh-eating insects. Firebending seems like the perfect defense for Shino’s talent. Shino’s talent might be a disadvantage to many warriors, but it turned out advantageous for Zuko.


While Zuko was taken by surprise by many shinobis, Neji’s actions were quite predictable for him. That turns out to be an advantage for Zuko as he was able to take down Neji.


Sakura has proven herself to be a capable combatant with fabulous chakras. While Sakura is very talented and versatile, Zuko is more skilled in one combat that makes him conquer her.


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