Future Diary Reasons why Yuno and Yukiteru are perfect together and Why They’re not

Future Diary Updates: This series was broadcasted 9 years ago, which made Yandere queen of every video, Yuno Gasai. Before Kirito and Asuna in Sword Art Online, this was produced as the most famous duo. 

All-time play in “Death Game” by utilizing mobile like armaments, Yukiteru and Yuno relationship was filled with a toxin or there was nevertheless dream glow constantly sparkling?

Future Diary Yuno and Yukiteru

Perfect- Both are dependetn on each other.

Whether the love of Yukitero and Yuno poisoned or not but stable for one thing- i.e. both dependent on each other.

Live in the Death Game both of them depend on each other during tasks to reside and have victory.

Faulty- Yukiteru admire other person

Everyone forgot about another girl whom Yukiteru was admiring during grades, where she was similar to Yukiteru’s mom. That girl appeared in 1st chapter and sometimes in the past of “FUTURE DAIRY”. Because of this incident, even Yuno chose to date a boy next to her.

Perfect- Yukiteru and Yuno had the same backdrop.

In both Yukiteru and Yuno’s life, their parents so cruel who left them back at home, and as they both were not having their parents as their greatest, both can acknowledge one another.

Faulty- Yuno great envy

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From the starting of the story, Yuno was not letting anyone besides Yukiteru whether they are a boy or a girl.

Perfect- Both have a great compassion

Maybe Yuno is insane, but Yukiteru is the only person who understands her needs.

Faulty- Yuno started admiring Yukiteru

Yuno writes a dairy every 10min which is all about Yukiteru. She started writing this dairy to know about Yukiteru every moment. Yandere? Inspect. In a relationship? Inspect all this made up Yuno to become an admirer.

Perfect- The only trust on Yukiteru was by Yuno

Yuno is the only one person who trusts Yukiteru where his pals tend to say him as a stranger.

Faulty- Both are toxic to one another

As Yuno was in love with Yukiteru she loved him unconditionally and as a person he is, so she murdered oneself to gain love from 2nd Yukiteru. By watching all these audiences can conclude that Yuno loves every Yukiteru in spite of her declaration about 1st and 2nd Yukiteru.

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