Divinity Original Sin 2: 6 Tactics To Use When in a Complex Game

About Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 gives its players a plethora of various ways to turn the advanced fights around them and in their favor. There are many ways to turn tricky battles to their advantage. 

About Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 is loved by the players as it offers an immersive and almost hypnotic narrative along with complex gameplay.

The game becomes more interesting when players can use everything to their advantage from players’ environments to their talent and even the gaming system.

However, one thing to remember is that certain ‘difficult’ battles of the game might have simple solutions. Do not try to apply your magic science everywhere. 

Certain advanced tricks and tactics that make the game better are as follows.

1. Quicksave is the best friend

The fans of RPG will understand the importance of the save button. DOS2 will save the games before any vital circumstance occurs. These quicksave introduce certain cutscenes and combats. The time between quicksave and battle should be used to prepare for combat. 

2. Persuasion Rocks

Generally, the wrong persuasion can lead to unnecessary combats. In DOS2 player’s decisions can change during the game. Hence, one should have enough persuasion points to avoid unwanted combats.

3. Scout Ahead to Plan Ahead

Scout Ahead to Plan Ahead

If an enemy doesn’t leave their position, a spellcaster can simply Fireball them. The small mistakes such as a party lying within the enemy’s visible range can lead to unpredicted wipes. One can assign a scout to distract the opponent. Hence, at this time, the other parties should get into positions.

4. Never Forget Movement

When you are crippled or knocked out, you can use the techniques and skills such as Tactical Retreat and Teleportation. However, counter-combat attributes can be put-in wisely. 

5. Think About the First Round

If you want to win, you should focus more on your first match. The enemies give their best to distract the players and make mistakes in the first round. 

6. Turn Dialogue to an Advantage

Typically, players talk to enemy combatants which results in encounters. In the end, the enemy is talking to one of your characters. In complex battles, enemies can also take advantage of pre-combat dialogue to manipulate the battle and its conditions.

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