My Hero Academia Survival from Shigaraki’s Attack

My Hero Academia Updates: My Hero Academia is an anime series based on a Japanese manga by Kohei Horikoshi. The fifth season of the anime is still in production. The latest series of My Hero Academia manga seems to be very depressing.

The battle featured led to the falling of several heroes in the Quirk-world. Fans one of the most favorite characters, Bakugo is hurt, let us see if he makes through it or sacrifices himself.

My Hero Academia: Shigaraki’s Attack

In My Hero Academia manga series, we see that Horishiki had made a great deal of effort with the details. During the initial Raid Arc, a battle between heroes and villains started and it kept being tenser with each passing chapter.

The battle between Tamura Shigaraki and Kagsuki Bakugo seems to be one of the major parts of the whole fight. The latter got fatal injuries. Still, nothing is set in stone and we do not know what the creator has thought about it.

All For One takes control over Shiragaki’s body to attack Izuku with a destructive move called “Forced Quirk Activation”. Bakugo was hit by the attack through his abdomen up to his shoulder. Forced Quirk Activation helps All For One to activate one’s quirk with his or her consent and often leaves some injuries.

Furthermore, the attack is not known to be fatal and this time it was meant for Izuku so that All For One van steal his Quirk. But instead of Izuku, Bakugo got hit so the chances of survival of the character are high. This attack makes Bakugo a live bomb as the Quirk activates without his control and All For One uses him to force Izuku to give up him Quirk in order to save his friend’s life.


The year 2020 is becoming more and more ugly and now even a manga is not spared. The future of Bakugo is something that the fans are most wound up about. Fans do not want their favorite Bakugo to become a sacrifice for his friend, Izuku.

For now, nothing can be said or anticipated for sure as there is a 50-50 chance for both Bakugo’s survival and death in the manga. So fans should be patient and keep their fingers crossed. If you enjoyed the article and want to keep yourself updated then, stay tuned!

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