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Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma Differences Between The Show and The Video Game

Dragon Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma Updates: Netflix has dropped its version of Dragon’s Dogma. The people who have played the video game of Dragon’s dogma would have surely noticed that there are almost no differences between the video game version and show of the franchise.

The show has given complete justice to the video game of the franchise. The makers of the show have taken too little liberty to change the plot and storyline of the show.

The fans or users of the video game can easily predict the plot of the show as well. However, there are still a few differences which we have discussed below.

1. Dragon’s Dogma Characters of the Show

The majority of the characters in the show are new. They are not related to the video game. From the protagonist to the side characters to the dragons, all the characters are different. Almost no character from the game is to be found in the show.

2. The Dragon’s Cruelty

Dragon Dogma

It is still doubtful if the dragons in the show will be the same as in the game. Netflix’s version of Dragon’s Dogma is much more destructive and filled with action as compared to the game counterpart. It has burnt down a lot more villages and towns as compared to the game. 

3. No Gran Soren

Gransys is a place where the players can seek shelter in the game. It is a huge place, a huge fortress city of Gran Soren. It gives peace to the eyes, it is so beautiful. Since the show is only seven episodes long, it seemed to ignore the situation of Gran Soren. Hence, the place might not even exist in the show.

4. More Tragic Ending

The fans of the show were expecting a different ending. However, they were seen scratching their head after they saw the end of the show. While watching the show you should remember that not every ending is similar to that of the video game. The show likely has a more negative ending. It is less rewarding. 

5. No Extra Pawns

Ethan and Hannah were a boring duo. This was proved when they deserved a bigger party on killing and facing a dragon and monster which is a lot bigger than it can be imagined. In the show, Ethan does not have the luxury and is stuck with Hannah. They do not get along with each other. However, more characters in the party mean more interesting. 

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