Dragon’s Dogma Season 1 Episode 7 Explained and Review

Dragon’s Dogma Season 1 Updates: Video game adaptations have the hardest audience to please and this anime is truly an assessment for the same, based on Capcom’s fantasy RPG The Dragon’s Dogma Season 1 the viewers find fewer similarities with the game’s story besides the dragon.

In the series, the protagonist has a strong drive and a persuasive Personality which is an improvement over the game’s hushed, empty vessel. The animation is splendid but overall, the show in essence to the game is a little not up to the mark.

Dragon’s Dogma Season 1 Plot

The groundwork for the plot is similar to the game: Ethan (voiced by Greg Chun) is resurrected as an Arisen, who sets out to vanquish the dragon that took his heart and wipes out his family. Ethan’s wife Olivia (voiced by Cristina Vee) and his backstory are new similarly however don’t get sufficient display screen time.

Olivia delivering an emotionally-charged performance adds hilarity to the early moments and key flashbacks. due to the kind of role Olivia plays, we can barely see her in the show. The anime strays from the game by naming and theming each of the 7 episodes after a sin.

Episode 7 Explained 

This idea mostly ends up with stories that are a little distasteful. The protagonist Ethan is seen battling a demon in the episode “lust” and “pride”. In the last episode i.e. the 7th episode Ethan makes his way to the tainted mountain to face the dragon and reclaim his stolen heart.

However, the last battle is dramatically different in a not so good way from the game. It’s not as complicated as the strange mashup of twin reveals but the fact that the storyline of the anime is quite similar to that of ‘The seven deadly sins’ is very unoriginal and ineffective.

The show doesn’t seem to have not enough time with seven half-hour episodes, the story feels rushed and gets stalled with irrelevant side stories. The anime also misses out on some major elements of the game like Everfall and Witchwood. Most of the side characters die instantly before showing up and are not given much importance.

On the brighter side, the story of the anime is not entirely based on the game hence can freely explore alternate areas. The show is overflowing with nudity and sex scenes sometimes overlapping with brutal gore and blood. Overall the show is quite exciting to watch with iconic fights, dark fantasies with added character development it’s a good debut but has room for growth.

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