The Big Bang Theory: Where can be the cast now seen?

It’s been 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory which basically revolves around a group consisting of science Loving friends.

The Big Bang Theory Casts

  1. Jim Parsons:

The guy who played Sheldon in the famous The Big Bang Theory and is definitely a leader in the science world but not so much in the friend group.

Recently we have seen Jim in miniseries named Hollywood in 2020, as a American real-life agent as Henry Wilson. This series based in post-WWII Hollywood which revolves around a group of actors and filmmakers. He helps make things happen.

  1. Kunal Nayyar :

He takes on the sweet, yet a little stuck-up, Raj. And is really more interested in search of love and discovering a comet despite the fact that he is an astrophysicist.

In the recent week, we have seen Nayyar in the teaser\trailer of season two of the criminal. At first sight, we didn’t really recognize him as a big bang alum. And he is playing a suspect not so sweet. In addition to this, he is also working on the crime series named suspicion, which is still to be disclosed.

  1. Melissa Rauch:

Melissa Rauch

She plays Bernadette who is a microbiologist and also waits table with a penny. Through which she meets Howard and both hit it off.

Melissa has already stepped onto the big screen in the last year. The new comedy crime drama starring her follows by a widow investigates insurance fraud. Where it appears to be that the two law partners can be the culprits by taking the system advantage.

  1. Kevin Sussman:

He plays Stuart finally who is an art graduate and also the owner of the comic book store. Although he is the friend group but still felt out to be left out. He also takes on one of the characters of the camp counselors in the Tv series wet hot American summer: first day of camp.

  1. Johnny Galecki:

He takes on the character of Leonard a physicist who binds the group members together.

You may know him as his early days in the 1990s series Roseanne. He returned to the reboot series named The conners to revive his character as David Healy.

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