How would Black Mirror Season 6 Look Like after Covid-19?

Black Mirror Season 6 Updates: After acknowledging all the 5 seasons of Black Mirror, fans are waiting patiently for the new season to take it’s placed on the screen soon. Sadly, the sixth season of the Black mirror is presently paused due to the ongoing pandemic. Let’s see below how the pandemic can affect the series.

In the past five seasons, the producer, Charlie Brooker has tried to showcase before us the phobias. Basically, the issues faced by people in the technologically smart era. It also brings to light the sociopolitical twists that almost conceals the very immediate future.

This series basically displays how brutal and barbaric the world can be and how similar the technologically habituated people are. These all seasons had been released the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The season 6 may take an unusual form. Let’s see what it has to show us.

Brutality in Black Mirror Season 6

Now that the pandemic is high on it’s degree of brutality, the world is severely under are alert condition. Still life goes on! Earlier, in May 2020 we were told by Brooker that he has kept the season 6 on pause and is trying to put all his focus on comedic skill set.

Now that we can acknowledge wide chasms in the COVID affected the contemporary world, it is most likely that Brooker is all occupied conceptualizing the season 6 in a very new and innovative way.

It also seems to be quite plausible that Brooker and team are going to look ahead of the present time scenario. Putting the idea into motion, Brooker can introduce thoughts outside the tech boundary. For instance, it may present before us the problem faced by people who are not enough backed by technologies especially in the times of an outbreak like Covid-19.

Black Mirror Season 6 Striking Vipers

Looking at the concepts of the last season,  ‘Striking Vipers’, where it shows us an exit from the reality, we may expect something similar from this season as well. We may expect to see a lockdown couple getting closer through physical intimacy along with an add-on of technological twist in the tale as well. For the next season, we can relate that he may bring forth, a situation of the post-pandemic atmosphere.

Brooker may now anticipate a new life, post-pandemic, and the changing trends of people at the close of the burning situation. Besides all these trending agendas, he can also bring the evergreen themes of politics, poverty, or racial discrimination into play.

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