Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need to know

Black Mirror Season 6 Updates: Black Mirror first premiered on 4th December 2011 on Channel 4. Later, the show was taken over by Netflix. The show has had successful 5 seasons over a course of 8 years and has won about 8 Emmy awards and won the Outstanding Television Movie category three times in a row.

The genius behind the 22 episodes over the 5 seasons is none other than Charlie Brooker. The original episodes are in the English language. All the 22 episodes are standalone throughout the series. The show combines various genres such as fiction, dark comedy, satire, science, and dystopia.

After watching 5 successful seasons, people have been looking forward to another season. There has been no official announcement regarding the new season but the possibility of the show getting canceled is way too slim due to Netflix’s large viewership population around the globe.

Black Mirror Season 6 Overview:

Waiting for a new season is easier as it doesn’t follow any storyline and all the 22 episodes have an individual storyline. Each episode also has a separate cast. The main theme of all the stories revolves around the interaction between technology and humans.

Every episode is like a surprise gift as one cannot guess what is it going to be based on previous episodes. The stories always manage to amaze you in a good way.

The show has very intriguing and remarkable stories that really give us an understanding of how our future will look like in the event that we keep on including the innovation, technology, and social media into our lives and permit it to control our brains.

It presents how innovation is a help as well as abuse for us. It gives us numerous obstacles and yet plunges us to damnation. The show dazzles the consideration of every one of its watchers.

Season 6 will bring more such mind-bending and twisting episodes to us, hopefully, sooner than later.

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