Goku Brings Back his Anti-Broly Technique In Dragon Ball Super

It is hard to see Goku fighting off Broly before the events of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, all this is because Dragon Ball Super’s manga has overlooked the incidents of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. But in the latest chapters of the respective series you can see Goky emerged back his valuable Anti- Broly technique in a very fresh way.

What changes occurred in Goku

Goku has managed to enhance in very prominent ways ever since he fought with Broly as Moro had been a far stronger opponent than the expectations of Goku. This made Goku worked on refining his Ultra Instinct in all aspects and this form inspires from some of his previously used techniques.

Goku Brings Back his Anti-Broly Technique In Dragon Ball Super

During the initial scenes of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we can see in once Goku power his Super Saiyan God energy in a very distinct way. He holds his hands out and spell the chi and was perfectly successful in stopping Broly and talked to him patiently before the fight resumed. Goku brings this again in chapter64.

in chapter 64, you can see Ultra Powered Goku’s fight against Moro. He uses defensive methods while Moro revolts the same way as Broly did. And the history repeats when Goku’s holds his hands out to command the spell but there is a bit different this time.

What is the purpose of Goku using this technique

Goku’s once used this method against Broly but it was purely meant to calm his down in order to make a conversation to resolve things out but it is not the same case with Moro. Goku attacked Moro soon after using this technique. after that he fakes Moro into the air and punched him strong enough to send shockwaves.

This painted the whole way in a dissimilar way than his previous enemy. This perhaps connects the sequence in films with the manga. This shows that Broly exists in the 7th universe but maybe he will merge into a future arc someday!

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