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All Might Vs Goku: Who Wins?

All Might Vs Goku

All Might Vs Goku: Both Goku and All Might are heroes in their own worlds. All Might is a superhero in the universe of My Hero Academia, though Goku has rescued his world several times in the DragonBall series. Both are commonly considered to be the most powerful hero in their own viewpoint universes.

Both Might and Goku have faced incredible odds, but they fight for various reasons. All Might is struggling to defend the innocent. Goku is more interested in fighting because he likes fighting. Goku would no doubt think All Might a worthy foe, even though All Might might be more hesitant to fight against a fellow hero.

All Might Vs Goku Abilities

Goku could lift about 100,000 tons with only one finger at his best. His physical power is very well known in the DragonBall series. He is commonly regarded as one of the most influential fictional characters of all time.

Goku is fascinated with the war. When he’s not fighting, he’s also seen practicing for his next fight. Goku has continued to strengthen and become better over the years. His amazing strength helped him to conquer numerous villains including Frieza, Boo, and Cell.

All Might Vs Goku and Powers

All Might was not born with his powers. He was selected and granted his power to the previous holder of One For All. He was given impressive intensity by the quirk. He used the strength to become the world’s top hero.

All Might Vs Goku

The quirk appears to get better every time the quirk has elapsed. By the time the quirk hits All Might, it becomes the eighth known person to have the power. He remains unbeaten as a hero. No one has been able to win over him.

In the DragonBall series, heroes also use Senzu beans to help them recover their wounds. Beans are capable of rebuilding the physical strength of a human. The beans give Goku an advantage over his rival.

Another advantage of the beans is that they can save a human from going hungry. Preventing hunger will be a definite advantage in the war, even if the avoidance of hunger does not last as long for Saiyans as it does for others. The Senzu beans will allow Goku to heal and last longer in a war.

All of Might’s quirk had a very real effect on his body. Although he’s typically a little boy, he can transform himself into a muscular man. This amazing ability is growing his height and power.

His ability to power up makes it possible for him to spread his quirk’s powers through the body. He not only gains strength but also speed and agility. The quirk can also help make it more resilient in a war. The ability doesn’t have the same outcome as Goku’s ability to go to Super Saiyan.

Goku is the definite winner in the battle against Might. He has greater health than All Might, and with some Senzu beans, he can cure himself. Goku is quicker and heavier than that.

With his Super Saiyan skills, he can easily turn himself much quicker and stronger than he would usually have been. Although All Might is a formidable challenge to the villain-bearing quirk, he does not stand a chance against Goku. Goku is obviously the better warrior of the two, even with All Might’s potential to outthink Goku.



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