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The God of High School Episode 13 Release Date, Preview and Other Details

he God of High School Episode 13

The God of High School Episode 13 Updates: The God of High School is a South Korean digital comic which belongs to the martial arts and supernatural genre. The webtoon is authored and illustrated by Yonge Park. The show received its English dub version in 2014 made by LINE Webtoon. 

Tokyo MX has recently dropped an anime television series version of the same. The series is made under the direction of Sunghoo Park and is written by Kiyoyo Yoshimura. The God of High School’s anime version dropped its debut episode on July 6, 2020.

The makers did not drop the entirety of episodes of the series together. Each episode was dropped after a specific time. The series comprised thirteen episodes.

The final episode of season 1 of the show is much awaited and it is expected to be a banger. The series began with a blast and it is expected to end similarly. 

Release Date of The God of High School Episode 13

he God of High School Episode 13

The 13th and final season of the show have already popped on the screens. The episode dropped on September 28, 2020, at 7 p.m. IST. Just go ahead and watch the finale which must have ended with a bang as it already caught everyone’s attention with its plotline.

Where Can You Watch the Show Online?

The English dubbed version of the show is available on Crunchyroll and VRV. Also, you can check it on the official website at The anime series is also available on Webtoons for free.

After episode 11, Mujin Park declared that the tournament is over which made the fans upset. The fans said that the series will not have the same amount of action. It was true. The series lacked action and it was not the same. 


The final episode is made under the production of Crunchyroll and Webtoons. It is an anime adaptation of the manga series created by Yonge Park.

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