Sony PlayStation 5 Announced Launch Date, Price in India and Everything you need to know

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony Playstation 5 Updates: India still seems to be deciding the date of release and pre-orders of PS5. While the rest of the world is waiting for its release and pre-orders. The gaming box listed on the Amazon India website and reported that the company will soon launch the game box in the country.

The owner of PS had decided to synchronize the launch of PS 5 worldwide but it looks like the Indian gamers still need to be patient.

According to the Mako Reactors report, a tweet from an Indian video game discloses that Sony announces the launch soon, Later confirmed by Mako Reactor.

What Did Suppliers Say about Sony PlayStation 5?

According to the suppliers, Sony is ready with the price and release date for PS 5 in India. But the company doesn’t want to reveal any details due to the fear of missing the due date. The company doesn’t want to face any trouble with the launch. As the Indian fans are already vexed due to the obliviousness.

Sony PlayStation 5

The fans by every means are not skipping on the chance to troll Sony on social media.

It is reported that the Indian date and price of PS 5 will soon be announced.

Kaushik Choudary took to twitter stating “@ Rishi Alwani contacted the Sony store and was informed that [email protected] would be the date for stock to be sold; price ranging between 35k to 50k.

After accessorizing it with disc and digital it sums up to 49k and 50k respectively; It seems to confirmed yet again the stock will be minimum. The exclusive Sony stores are giving tentative pricing and pre-order details. As reported by The Mako Reactor; a chat of the Customer care executive at Amazon states that the pre-order will begin in India from next week.

It appears like Amazon and Sony are only trying to pacify their customers to make sure they don’t lose their clients.

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