16 and Pregnant is MTV Planning to Release the series in October?

16 and Pregnant Updates: 16 and pregnant is an American reality television series which aired from 11th June 2009 to 1st July 2014, and later gave birth to several other spinoffs like – Teen Mom, OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant.

This documentary series focuses on the issue of teen pregnancy with each episode detailing the wide variety of challenges such as marriage, adoption, finances, gossips, and graduating high school.

The Plot of the series 16 and Pregnant:

The series is about the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school and their hardships of pregnancy. Each series follows the lives of four girls from their respective season of 16 and pregnant as they navigate their first years of motherhood. Each episode deals with a teenager who is in the 4th-8th of her pregnancy. The series is produced in a documentary form that ends when the baby is few months old. 

What’s new:

The new take on the documentary would be that unexpected pregnancy journeys would come from multiple perspectives and not just young mothers. There will be intimate video confessionals from each girl’s family members. It explores the lives of the impacted one’s by the experience, with honesty and empathy.     

When can we get the Release date:

MTV announces on 18th September 2020 that it is going to bring back the iconic series. The series is said to premiere in October 2020. People were waiting for a new series.

Changes with the series:

When it aired first, the series changed the national dialogue on teen pregnancy and has said to be useful in reducing teenage pregnancies.               

It had also directed countless viewers to series like – it’s your sex life, MTV, and the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Peabody. It helped the Emmy award-winning campaign in order to support young people in making responsible decisions about sexual health. Stay tuned for more information related to the same.

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