Big Brother 22 Eviction Spoilers for nominations of week 8 on October 1?

Big Brother 22 Updates: Ever since the time, almost everyone has been wondering who would be the head of Household for Week 8. Moreover, who all have been nominated for the eviction. As a matter of fact, no one can really wait for themselves till the Sunday episode to find this out.

Here we have a lot of spoilers for Big Brother 22. With all the juicy details and live feeds since the end of the live episode of September 24. Get ready for the spoilers!!

The second season winner, Will Kirby be going to run as the Head of Household competition. As the BB22 signed off on Thursday. Relay Power has been utilized by Dani Briones as she won in Week 5 of BB Basement. Certainly; this means Memphis Garret, outgoing HOH, could now take part.

Where’s the Twist?

New things obviously come with some twists. And talking of BB22, here is the twist. The houseguests could now opt out of the HOH competition for a cash prize of $5,000. We observed that out of everyone, four of them did just the same thing.

Left five of the players in the quest to be Head of Household in a week. Moreover, this worked to see a record of three evictions. In a fight at the end, Cody Calafiore would succeed and would control as HOH for the second time in this season.

Cody Calafiore, the runner-up of season 16, began as a strong competitor in this All-Stars edition. Basically, endearing HOH in the first Week. Back then, he supervised the dismissal of Keesha Smith with an undisputed vote.

The supplementary contender of the week was Kevin Campbell. Since then, there have been depraved gore between these two. So, it was of no surprise that Cody made his mind to point out Kevin this week.

The Counter Attack

The only question that arose was who would be the counter to this. In the termination, we observed Cody went with David Alexander. David had been chosen by Memphis in the second Week. The time when Nicole Anthony was the common choice for expulsion. In the sixth week, Dani baptized him. But he was able to utilize his Disruptor supremacy to take himself off the axing block.

This time if he wins the Power of Veto war on Saturday, he will dodge the vote is. We will also be supervising that. And the report on these all crucial consequences as momentarily as we have them.

Until then, vote in our only poll as to know who you’d like to see dispossessed on Thursday. Or do you prefer equally David and Kevin so much that you want to see a replacement in the submissions via the POV?

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