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Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans: Surprise we got ten new Frigeen Dogs

Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2: Former Teen Mom 2 actress and her husband David, have got themselves a new family of dogs. Jenelle and David; haven’t had a good experience with pets, but 10 dogs all of a sudden! Why though?

Jenelle has always been an irresponsible pet owner, which she proves in the awful episodes of Teen Mom 2 where she was mean to Nathan Griffith’s dogs.

And later she is seen playing fetch with her dog.

And later comes Nugget in the list. He was killed by David last year. Reports claim that David beat the French bulldog puppy to death. In a statement later, he reasoned the kill with his explanation as Nugget had a bit, Ensley. To prove his statement true he also shared a picture of the little one. And barely a break in the skin could be seen.

And the dog death case was investigated by the cops and CPS removed; the children from the home. Also, Jenelle lost her touch with the MTV production house amidst all this.

Very soon, David was free of the charge and the children were released of custody after a six-week court hearing.

But this left a scar on their relationship and soon the couple separated. Jenelle shifted to Nashville from North Carolina. And there too she bought a new puppy.

And it feels so inhumane when David kills his pet goat to quench his hunger. He also created a video of his meal and shared it on Instagram.

Teen Mom 2: Two of their dogs were absconding and many people suspect they were killed.

Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2

A couple of weeks ago Jenelle posted a picture of a dog; questioning” if anyone lost their dog in the neighborhood”. Off late, her post wasn’t reviewed. But a few days ago, David posted a picture of Ensley with a new dog calling it her new best friend.

And this morning Jenelle announced the addition of another member to a dog family out of the ten. So what is the fate of these nine recently born puppies? As with the couple’s terrific record of pet caring; we wonder what the poor creature might have to endure.

She posted on Facebook about giving away those puppies to random people. But later she tweeted an article that included an official stamen about the health of the nine cute puppies.

So probably, good days have come in and the dogs at the swamp have a smooth life ahead.