Pregnancy did not stop Mandy Moore from filming sex scenes for This is Us

This is Us Updates: Rebecca Pearson of ‘This is Us’ aka Mandy Moore is expecting her first baby in 2021!! She is an actress as well as a well-accomplished music artist. Moore shared a picture of her standing with his husband showing her baby bump.

The picture had the black and white filter and acted as an announcement of the actress’s pregnancy. She announced it via her Instagram account. Both, she and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith seem very happy about it. She also announced that they are having a baby boy due in early 2021.

In ‘This is Us’ her character, Rebecca Pearson, made a great impact on Mandy’s view to be a mother. It is not wrong to say that the role of being a mother made her desire to become a real mother concrete.

Three years ago, when asked about how she feels about being a real mother she said “I feel a kinship with her(in context to her character),… I was most concerned about feeling maternal, not having children myself.

But being part of a project like this definitely makes my ovaries start kicking.” In the very same year, she told People, that “definitely ready for motherhood sooner rather than later!” which shows her desire to be a mom.

Now when she is expecting her first child, the shooting of ‘This is Us‘ season 5 has resumed too. The creator of the show, Dan Fogelman shared a picture through his twitter handle. The picture was of pregnant Mandy Moore with her co-star Milo Ventimiglia, both standing about 2 feet apart and with masks on. According to the captain, they will resume the filming and shoot a sex scene for the upcoming season.

As for the baby boy, he will be blessed with such awesome parents and will surely have great bedtime lullabies. We can anticipate by the super cute way his arrival was announced that he will be having a great time with his family. We wish Mandy and Taylor very happy. For further information, stay tuned!

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