This Is Us Has Ended and Characters Revealed What’s Next

This Is Us Ended: A lot of series have been released while on the other hand, the filming of a lot of This Is Us…

Published: May 27th, 2022 3:28 am | Updated: May 27, 2022 3:28 am

This Is Us Ended: A lot of series have been released while on the other hand, the filming of a lot of This Is Us is still going on. But when it comes to the ongoing series then there are some series that have gained a lot of attention.

Among them is the series called This Is Us. This Is Us has finally ended and has revealed a lot of things in its final episode. All the three leading characters have revealed what is the next thing that they are going to do after the emotional funeral of Rebecca.

This Is Us has finally released its final episode. In the final episode, we have seen the character Jack and Rebecca who wake up in the morning.

Jack has pointed at the scars of Rebecca that was just right above her eye and this was the scar that has been never noticed before. Rebecca then explains how the watch of her dad has clocked her in the eye when she was swinging.

At that time Rebecca was not caring about these scars because she was involved in the swing and going to the playground. We know that the Pearsons have enjoyed the same swing with the kids just like the character called Rebecca has done. We know that when it comes to rainy days then the Pearsons used to watch movies together at home.

What more This Is Us Characters Revealed

This Is Us

There is also the character Kevin who comes up upstairs and Rebecca talks to him. Kevin complains about not being able to perform all the pull-ups in a fitness test then Rebecca tells him that not everything is going to become easy on him.

She said that he has to work hard and should become a person she knows that he will become one day. If he will achieve these things then it will go to mark a victory. But then came and check on Randall. Kate and Toby also get a chance to talk before the funeral and they said that Rebecca was really proud of Kate.

Toby then tells that he is also very proud of Kate and he loves her. Even if their marriage didn’t work out as they wanted but Toby said he would try to go and lose his weight and gain his attention of Kate.

Then comes what next is going to happen then Kate says that they are going to do what Rebecca has always wanted them to do. And it is to live fearlessly. All the characters reveal their plans.

Kate also revealed that she had a nightmare where she has seen that they all are drifting apart from each other. Randall then promises that they are never going to drift apart.

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