My Hero Academia Season 5: Every details you should know about

My Hero Academia Season 5: My Hero Academia, originally a Japanese superhero manga series was adapted as an anime television series by Bones studio. Earlier it was published in Weekly Shohen Jump, written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It was also published in English language by Viz Media on Netflix. The television anime series is directed by Kenji Nagasaki, Mosahiro Mukai and Tomo Obuko.

The series was produced by a number of people including Wakana Okamura, Kazumasa Sanjoba, Koji Nagai, Hirokazu Hara and others. The anime series also got dubbed in English and was released on Adult Swim’s Toonami.
The story is said to have fantasy, adventure and superhero genres. It is noted to be inspired from other superhero comics. The anime is best known and approved by the critics because of its high animation quality. The plot is set in a world where the human population has “Quirks”. These Quirks are nothing else but the ability to develop superpowers in human. These supernatural abilities created two major categories in the population namely; “villains” (who use their Quirks for their personal benefits and evil deeds) and “heroes” (who step up against the villains and maintain peace in the daily lives of people). Around 20% of the human population is Quirk-less in the world. The story revolves around such a boy bored without Quirk, Izuku Midoriya. Still, he wishes to be a hero. The boy meets the greatest hero of Japan, All Might, who recognizes Izuku’s potential and decides to share his own Quirk with him. All Might also helps Izuku to enroll in a very prestigious high-school, U. A High School which trains heroes.

Renewal of My Hero Academia:

The fourth season of the anime ended with suspense and fans could not help wondering about the next season. So here is a news which can make fans feel assured as the anime is officially renewed for the next season. The official declaration is there in the 18th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump’s 2020 magazine. It was highly expected that the next season will be up sooner or later because the anime got lots of love, support and high ratings from the viewers.

My Hero Academia season 5: Release date and details on Production

It was confirm that the production of the fifth season started as soon as the fourth season of the anime stopped airing. The licensing company, Funimation officially declared that the work on the fifth season already started in Japan. It was also stated that composers have started to record the soundtrack for the anime. The fans have to be patient as the production team is still lacking. There is no revelation of a certain release date for the season 5 but we can expect the premiere of the anime in 2021. It will also get released in U.S.A shortly after that.

What can fans expect from the next season of My Hero Academia?

The anime is said to be centred on Joint Training Arc. We can also take a chance to witness Bokugo’s makeover and how did the heroes deal with the terrifying and weird villain in season 5. Except this, there is nothing else that is revealed about the story of season fifth of My Hero Academia. We will make sure to keep you all updated and to prevent missing anything new stay tuned.

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