Fleabag Season 3: Is it happening?

The Fleabag fans are keenly waiting for its upcoming instalment. Based on the story of Phoebe Waller Bridge’s popular play with the same title, the series has melted the heart of the audience with its two streaks. The perfect blend of comedy and tragedy has captivated the spectators and now they want more! The series made its debut first back in 2016. After a long pause, it dropped its second season last year. But will the fans get to watch the third streak? Here is all the latest news regarding the show that we got to know this far.

What is Fleabag all about?

The plot of the story is immensely engaging. It centres around an unnamed lady whom others call “Fleabag”. The on-screen character is a “free-spirited”, “at times angry” woman who resides in London. The plotline proceeds showing different aspects and events of her life. As mentioned earlier, the series is a mixture of comedy and misfortune.

Will Fleabag Season 3 appear on the screen?

Unfortunately, the creators of the show have chosen to remain silent. Thus, it is pretty hard to assume anything regarding its release. While some rumours are indicating there could be a chance of the arrival of Fleabag Season 3, the others are pouring cold water to it. In an exclusive interview, Waller-Bridge said that even if the show returns, it will take time. Unless, the makers state anything clearly, coming to a conclusion is hard. Once, we get to know anything concrete about its renewal status, we will inform you right away.

Who could be the cast of Fleabag Season 3?

As the show is yet to confirm officially, we can only estimate the faces who could possibly return in the next streak. Undoubtedly, Waller-Bridge will be playing the role of “Fleabag”. As per our anticipation, all the key characters including Sian Clifford, Andrew Scott, Bill Patterson, B. Gelman, and Olivia Colman could appear.


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