Is Iron Fist Season 3 CANCELLED? Read further to know more about the same

Iron Fist Season 3 Updates: Iron Fist had a rough start, but it did make a recovery in season 2 of the show. Season 2 finale ended with a cliffhanger, giving people hopes that it would return. However, Netflix officially announced the cancellation of Season 3. We believe that “Iron Fist” deserved better than an abrupt ending.


Iron Fist Season 3 – Initial Plans

The creator of “Iron Fist” M. Raven Metzner clarified that the show got canceled before they could discuss the plans of the third season with Marvel and Netflix. But from the few details that we saw in the last part of the series, we could reconstruct the story.

Ward Mechbum and Danny Rand had a bumpy story since their childhood. Ward teased Danny to the extent of physically assaulting him. He also used to pit dead frogs in Danny’s food. Time passed, and the bond between them only worsened. Ward even tried to take Danny’s life to take him away from his own company. But later in the story, he needs Danny to fight against Bakuto.

After many ups and downs along the way, the last episodes foreshadow a more definitive truce between the two. But they were united against their biggest enemy Orson Randall. In the original comic, Orson knew Danny’s father and potentially had answers to all the questions that Iron Fist has about his powers.

The third season could have explored various genres of emotions of the characters, and we would have gotten some more profound insights about their past. Colleen Wing, the new “Iron Fist,” could have also got to share the limelight with Danny.

Despite having so much potential of redemption, “Iron Fist” was left on the burner.

Iron Fist- Cast

Even though we don’t have another season of the show, we can’t help but appreciate the work of the cast in the previous season of “Iron Fist”. The characters deserve acknowledgment for their meticulous work in the show. Season 2 stars that we would like to throw some spotlight on are:

  • Finn Jones – Danny Rand
  • Jessica Henwick – Colleen Wing
  • Jessica Stroup – Joy Meachum
  • Tom Pelphrey – Ward Meachum
  • Alice Eve – Typhoid Mary
  • Sacha Dhawan – Steel Serpent
  • David Wenham – Harold Meachum
  • Barrett Doss – Megan

And many more artists who have made their contributions to this show.

Iron Fist Season 3 – Potential Reasons for Cancellation

“Iron Fist” might be Marvel’s lowest-rated series. But the show did have a decent number of viewers. We think that the show was better deserving as it was showing improvements. The creators, too, made amendments in the second season.

The show received criticism for its “too-much-talk” and “no-action.” Thus, Netflix dropped off the plans for another season completely. The cut-throat competition between the casting partners of Disney also contributed to the cancellation. Ever since the launch of Disney+, plenty of Marvel’s creations are finding their spot on the platform. However, the divergent existence of the Netflix shows and their vague sense of connectivity with Marvel Universe seems to be getting in the way of Disney. Hence, the cancellations make perfect sense.

Iron Fist – Storyline

The story revolves around the protagonist, Danny Rand. His life started as precious, well-taken care of, child. Then his family dies in a plane crash, and some monks raised him. They also trained him in martial arts. Danny, then, fights a dragon and, thus, becomes Iron Fist. He was assigned the job to defend the passage to K’un L’un, the magical monk land. He finds this dumb and decides to return to New York to run his father’s decision. However, not know the company, he keeps on making bad decisions.

Danny meets the crossover miniseries The Defenders, who were a ragtag team of street heroes. They comprised of a private investigator, Jessica Jones, powerhouse fugitive Luke Cage and a ninja lawyer, Daredevil. All of these fight against their common enemy, The Hand.

Further, down the lane, Danny meets Colleen, and they have a sweet romantic relationship. Colleen was a member of The Hand and was assigned the job to bring back the Iron Fist. However, their love story is short-lived as we get the hints from finale about the twisted motives of Colleen.

You can watch the trailer of “Iron Fist”-Season 2 below.

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