Dirt 5 Season 5 is BACK with Alex AJ to guide you, Release Date, Features, and Game play!

Dirt 5 also styled as DIRT Season 5 is an upcoming video game—subsequently, the eighth game of the same title and fourteen of the Collin MacRae Rally series. Codemasters Cheshire is the developer of the game, also known as Codemaster Evo, developers of Onrush. Dirt 5 will reintroduce its Gymkhana mode, which previously shown into Dirt 3 2011. Furthermore, the game will consist of iconic rally vehicles ranging from brands like Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Ford. Additionally, they will have never seen behind the wheel, such as  Off-Road and Rock Bouncer Formula.

Release Date: Dirt 5

On October 9, 2020, Dirt 5 is releasing for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. And will also launch for the next-generation consoles(Xbox Series X and PS5). A Google Stadia version will come in the first quarter of 2021.


Features: Dirt Season 5

The upcoming racing game has several racing locations in it. Ten of them are new, including Nepal to Brazil. Including the view of the Christ the Redeemer statue. A gorge of Arizona desert, a glitch of Morocco, and glimpses of mountain tracks. The game would involve 13 classes of vehicles,  as per the front, rear, and four-wheel-drive, each of them having their suiting path. Additionally, there will be split-screen racing mode and career mode for couch play.

In the trailer, you can see four people are sharing the screen. The list of the modes available in Dirt 5 is a bit promising. Here is the list:

  • Rally Raid- It involves controlling machines built for extreme off-road, along with these split routes, and can inhale some fresh air.
  • Land Rush- Jolting jumps, rough terrains, circuit-based, and challenging sections. To mix up this pack race mode, track conditions and weather change on the fly.
  • Stampede- As the word suggests, hard, unnatural, and unforgiving landscape, built for heavy and rough machines. The layout involves mud and sand.
  • Ice Breaker-  Players will entirely battle on the ice. For one to be master, precisely drifting and throttle control is necessary.
  • Sprint- Merely a condition for drifters, four different size wheels, and enormous wings along with 900bhp. Take left turn only on oval and circular path.
  • PathFinder- Strategy is the key to success in this mode. The mode is full of steep jumps and a rock-strewn path, moreover, for a controlled speed.
  • Ultra Cross- The mode is fully amplified with challenges like a variety of terrain and unpredictable circuit.

Some of the new tricks and possibilities are yet to revealed and will be exciting to see in Dirt 5. We have to wait to see the difference between the two versions so far.

Gameplay: Dirt Season 5

The game will be focusing on off-road racing. Subsequently, the disciplines of the game include ice racing, stadium super track, rallycross, and off-road buggies. The players will compete in a wide-ranging location like China, Italy, New York City, Arizona, and Norway. There is also dynamic weather and season involved, which will affect the racing modes. For Example:- If a player wants to do the ice racing, then he can only do it in winter in New York City.

It also has a narrative-focused career mode that contemplates a rival driver Bruno Durand ( voice cast Nolan North), against the player, in a championship. The players will have a mentor along with them, Alex”AJ” Janicek( voice cast Troy Baker), who will guide them during the championship.

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