Ripley Official Teaser Released on Netflix!

Ripley’s trailer & release date has been unveiled, providing a glimpse of the upcoming Netflix mystery. The project was revealed in 2019 and was initially intended for Showtime as a television version of Patricia Highsmith’s famous Tom Ripley books.

Andrew Scott was cast as Tom Ripley, best known for his roles in Fleabag as the Hot Priest, Sherlock as Moriarty, and the highly praised 2023 drama All of Us Strangers.

With nods to the broader Ripley franchise, an established writer, and a strong cast, the series has the potential to be a significant break with fans and awards shows. Now, Netflix has released the trailer for Ripley.

Ripley | Official Teaser

The talented Andrew Scott sparkles in Netflix’s first ‘Ripley’ trailer. Netflix released the eight-episode Ripley official trailer on YouTube, which begins with Scott’s character finding out he is a hard guy to find.

The teaser for Patricia Highsmith’s latest rendition of Ripley reveals an even darker tone. The trailer follows Scott’s scammer squeaking in early 1960s New York, with gorgeous black and white visuals replacing the vibrant, warmer hues of the 1999 film adaption.

The plot is a psychological thriller about Tom Ripley, a young guy from New York City struggling to make a livelihood. He gets involved in small-time frauds and is approached by Herbert Greenleaf, a wealthy shipbuilder who misidentifies Ripley as a Princeton friend of his son, Dickie Greenleaf. Greenleaf sent Ripley to Italy to request Dickie to return to the US and rejoin the family business.

In Italy, Ripley gets obsessed with Dickie and his lavish way of life. After being rejected and sensing Dickie’s intention to cut him loose, Ripley’s infatuation darkens, leading him down the most evil of roads as his longing for the upper-crust style of life takes over his thoughts. The series kept true to the story’s setting by filming in Italy, notably Rome and Venice.

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The Cast and Crew of Ripley.


Andrew Scott will portray the lead character, Tom Ripley, an ambitious yet cunning guy who seizes the opportunity to go to Europe and enhance his life. Scott is a BAFTA-winning Irish actor most recognized for his appearances on Sherlock and Fleabag.

Johnny Flynn will play Richard “Dickie” Greenleaf, Herbert’s affluent and spoilt son who fled to Italy and became the subject of Tom’s attention.

Finally, Dakota Fanning will play Marjorie “Marge” Sherwood, Dickie’s best friend and romantic interest. Eliot Sumner joins the cast in a recurring role as Dickie’s friend, who becomes suspicious of Tom.

Ripley’s eight episodes will be on Netflix on April 4, 2024.