“Welcome to the World” Says Suki Waterhouse With the Post of Her Baby!

It’s great news that Robert Pattinson or Suki Waterhouse has officially announced their first child for the first time. They have reportedly welcomed their first child together. Daisy Jones and the Six actresses were first confirmed.

She was expecting back in November while performing on stage at the Corona Capital Music Festival in Mexico City after weeks of rumors Suki told the crowd “I decided to wear something particularly sparkly because I thought it might distract you from something else that’s going on I’m not sure if it’s working next the 31 years old”

Then after that, we took another look at her growing belly on social media wearing a bikini on a tropical vacation in January.

As well as Enus caught up with Suki while on the 2023 Emmy’s Red Carpet. She said, “I was excited about this look Valentina and I tried it on a couple of months ago but it didn’t even like I had to hold it the fitting was just me holding it to my body so, they had to take it apart and they had to redesign this dress to make it fit the bump but it does and I’m really happy that it worked”.

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Here You Can Check Out the Picture Suki Waterhouse Shared!

Suki Waterhouse

Now Suki and Rob’s bundle of joy comes nearly six years after She and the Twilight star confirmed their romance during a PDA-packed date night in July 2018 at the time and Separate Source then confirmed that Robert Pattinson and Suki were quote casually dating following his split from former fiance FKA Twigs The insider noted.

Their bond only continued to grow stronger with another source telling in November 2021. They are very solid in their relationship noting Robert Pattinson and Suki are quite always just totally joined at the moment.

This was confirmed when Suki Shared this mirror selfie with the excited mom-to-be with her bump on full display and her Daisy Jones and the six co-stars Riley Kio and Camila Marone dropping some emojis in the selfie.

“One of the co-stars said that means we are like a second family”

Now let us tell you about their relationship, how it started, and when. Suki and Robert Pattinson were first romantically linked in 2018 after 4 years later the pair made their Red Carpet debut at a Dior Fashion event in Egypt.

Suki and Robert Pattinson the NYC premiere of Poor Things with their pal Taylor Swift while the two have mostly kept their romance out of the public eye.

Robert Pattinson Gaye a little glimpse into their relationship back in 2022, when he shared a Rare Story on Jimmy Kimmel Live about Suki’s reaction to his movie ‘The Batman’ He said:

“I watched it with my girlfriend as well and she was like it and it was really her reaction that kind of changed the entire thing because I’m pretty sure she is not Normally into watching kind of superhero movies and she was capturing her attention the entire time and then like she just held my hand and just touched it right there and I could feel a little tear and I was like no way !!”

Robert Pattinson taking on a new role as dad alongside Suki Waterhouse.