Legendary Manga “City Hunter” Turned Into Live-Action!

Netflix Release an Action and Humor-Packed Trailer for City Hunter! Fans are already ecstatic about using the theme music from the 1980s TV series.

Tsukasa Hojo’s legendary manga City Hunter has inspired live-action adaptations in South Korea, Hong Kong, and France, and it is poised to be brought to life again by Netflix.

Netflix recently released an official trailer for the upcoming action comedy, shot in Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Kabukicho areas, where most of the manga is based. City Hunter, a story about a flawed but extraordinary marksman seeking justice, will be released shortly.

City Hunter | Official Trailer

The plot of the Japanese live-action film revolves around Ryo Saeba, a ‘sweeper’ who deals with crime, money, and beautiful ladies. He leads a clandestine unit that offers many kinds of services, ranging from bodyguarding to murder.

Ryo takes on high-stakes problems underground while maintaining a calm appearance and an upbeat personality. He runs this organization alongside his partner, police officer Hideyuki Makimura, who wants to cleanse the city of crime.

But after Hideyuki gets killed one day, Ryo is compelled to fulfill his last wish and take in the former’s younger, adoptive sister, Kaori. Kaori, a tomboy with rage and a strong attitude, has little patience for Ryo’s skirt-chasing inclinations and does not waste time putting him in his place, literally.

As Kaori takes Hideyuki’s place, the two manage the business while investigating crimes and seeking to uncover Hideyuki’s murderer. With sizzling chemistry between them, defined by fights & arguments, the two work together and carry out operations the same way.

From the trailer alone, many well-known elements and scenes have been restored. They will instantly resonate with lifelong fans of City Hunter, from Ryo’s red Mini Cooper to finding an “XYZ” inscription on the Shinjuku Station whiteboard.

Midway into the video, a bit of City Hunter’s ’90s anime closing theme tune can be heard. Netflix recently confirmed that this is an updated version of the single “Get Wild Continual,” which was also created and performed by TM NETWORK, as was the original.

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The Cast and Crew of City Hunter!

City Hunter

Misato Morita will play Kaori Makimura, whereas Masanobu Andō will portray Ryō Saeba’s friend and Kaori’s elder brother, Hideyuki Makimura. Fumino Kimura plays detective Saeko Nogami.

Tsukasa Hojo wrote and created the original manga, which spanned 35 volumes, from 1985 to 1991. Tatsuhiro Mishima (Yu Yu Hakusho) wrote the screenplay for Netflix’s adaption, while Shinichi Takahashi is the executive producer.

City Hunter will begin streaming on Netflix on April 25, 2024.