The Tearsmith: Nica and Rigel Two Orphans Fell In Love!

The Italian The Tearsmith trailer reveals romance between two orphaned teens with tragic pasts. The movie is based on Erin Doom’s best-selling novel!

The Tearsmith, based on Erin Doom’s literary phenomenon, is an upcoming Italian drama on Netflix that revolves around Nica and Rigel, two broken teens. Recently, the filmmakers released a captivating trailer that reveals more about their sad past and new life.

The streaming platform is preparing for its OTT premiere and keeping the hype rolling with teasers, trailers, & official photos ahead of its April premiere.

Fans of the original book or novel are obviously interested in seeing the adaptation, so we’ve compiled a list of everything we know so far about the film before its release date.

The Tearsmith | Official Trailer

The trailer does not reveal too much and centers the two leads, with lots of dimly lit moments hinting at the dark romanticism of the plot. The production makes for a highly dramatic and sensual tone.

In the trailer, we meet the two young characters who grew up in the same horrible orphanage, the Grave.

When life offers them another chance to heal & start again, will they embrace themselves or sink in the unavoidable forbidden love?

The plot revolves around Nica, who was raised in the grimmest of orphanages and looked after by an abusive matron who makes living difficult for everyone.

Nica would create her own beautiful fantasies to escape her terrible reality, filled by the Tearsmith, a supernatural power that creates the anxieties and worries we all have in our hearts.

Things begin to look good once Nica is adopted; however, she discovers that her family has adopted another orphan, Rigel, an intriguing and tortured soul with whom she is torn and who will eventually play a crucial role in her destiny.

Despite their opposite personalities, they make a bond built by grief. As they adjust to their new lives, they find a hidden link, a power that both draws and scares them: love.

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The Cast and Crew of The Tearsmith.

The Tearsmith

The Tearsmith cast consists of:

Caterina Ferioli plays Nica Dover
Simone Baldassari plays Rigel
Alessandro Bedetti plays Lionel
Nicky Passarella plays Billie
Eco Andriolo
Dana Melanie

Alessandro Genovesi, born in Milan, directed The Tearsmith after an extensive career as an actor, creator, and director in movies.

Alessandro Genovesi is known for movies like The Wonders, & What A Beautiful Surprise. He worked on When Mom Is Away & 7 Women and a Murder. The Tearsmith premieres on Netflix on April 4, 2024.