Days of Our Lives Star Greg Vaughan Hospitalized! Health Update

Greg Vaughan is known for his role in Days of Our Lives. He recently vacationed with his sons in Breckenridge and faces health problems like fatigue, headaches, and shortness of breath because of altitude sickness.

He also explained the details on his Instagram. He said that life is like a box of chocolates, he said in a soap opera, but this line he gets to experience. He went skiing, but he was feeling tired and developed a medical condition that got worse during that trip.

According to the medical reports of the Cleveland Clinic, it is revealed that his blood oxygen level has dropped 54% at higher altitudes. Now, after receiving treatment, his blood oxygen level has improved by 94%.

If You Don’t Know Greg Vaughan, Let’s Have a Look at the Details!

Greg Vaughan

Greg Vaughan is an American actor who has worked in various soap operas like General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.

Besides acting, he has also worked with fashion designers and has walked for brands like Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. He got into the spotlight when he got the role of Days of Our Lives. In that show, he played the character of Eric Brady, who was an ordained priest.

Let’s Have a Look at Greg’s Condition and What It Is!

Greg Vaughan

Attitude sickness is a medical condition that occurs when you go to higher altitudes and your body cannot exhaust the pressure difference at higher altitudes.

It can cause problems like breathing problems, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite. Before going on such a higher track, we should be aware of everything and take precautions.

Fans are relieved to hear that Grag is safe now. Let’s just pray for him that he will recover soon and get back on track. On Instagram, he shared a video and thanked everyone for their prayers and gratitude.